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Agents of Change
A collaborative effort between “agents of change,” Good Men Media, Inc. and Connection Victory Publishing Company.

A new Medium publication that celebrates our relationships with self and others.

A daughter wonders how much more fulfilled and successful her father would have been if he’d broken out of the man box.

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Ariel Chesler explains that the side-effect of boys not being allowed to show “girile” emotions, is that all they are left with is rage.

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Identifying a symptom and not a cause.

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Poverty as a motif in Todd Phillips’s newest work.

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Let’s #StopAsianHate by exercising our ability to speak that universal language of love and tolerance.

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Are you looking for a better work-life balance? Here is how active firefighter, business owner and family man Brent Clayton gets the balance just right.

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How social changes change our world.

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Enjoy a life with less stress thanks to this ancient sport.

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“Men need to be educated to court in a way that is neither belittling nor sexist. They need to understand how to treat the other person as a true equal.”

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Can you describe the experience of raising a daughter as a single father?

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