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About “Modern Identities”

“Modern Identities” is a publication about how we identify our authentic self: as an individual, in relation to a loved one, and as a member of society. We’ll share heteronormative and non-heteronormative…

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By Anthony Smits

My mom told me that I’d follow my Dad around, once walking became an easy thing to do, “like Mary’s little lamb.” Perhaps I did; I’ve no personal memories of that age. For sure, I felt a lovely bond with my Dad. But there are many things…

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By Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Almost 1000 men responded.

To be exact 986.

I was asking men in a survey whether or not they had ever been depressed. If they had, would they ever tell anyone. Or seek treatment in some way. Medication. Therapy. If so, why. If not, why.


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By Warren Blumenfeld

Dear Great-Grandfather Wolf and Great-Grandmother Bascha,

Though I have never written to you, I have carried your image and felt your comforting presence ever since that first day when your son (my maternal grandfather, Simon) told me about you. One day, when I was very young, I…

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By Christian J. Farber

I have known people who have great spirit. My sister comes to mind. If you were in a room with her, there was no need to turn the light on. She beamed, all day, every day. She had an incredible energy. When we were kids, we…

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By Jon Ochiai

In Director Neil Marshall’s spirited action fantasy “Hellboy”, adoptive Father Professor Broom, played with whimsical gravitas by Ian McShane tells his Son, “I wanted you to be the best you…” David Harbour’s Hellboy, the hulking prosthetically horned, red-skinned beast, acknowledges his Father’s love in tears. No spoilers…

Agents of Change

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