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Agents of Change
A collaborative effort between “agents of change,” Good Men Media, Inc. and Connection Victory Publishing Company.

A new Medium publication that celebrates our relationships with self and others.

Choosing to be peaceful can extend your life and may even save it.

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5 best and worst things about having a genderqueer partner.

Photo credit: Htcole on Pixabay

Billy Tyler is openly talking about his experience and helping others by “being louder than the grief.”

Photo Credit: Author

On getting too big for your britches.

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In addition to helping you work through emotions, writing can also give you a way to visualize the life you want.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Irma Bryant observed early on how anger could devastate relationships.

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Building a relationship with your adult child after they’ve been away to college and started their career takes work. And it’s well worth the effort.

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There are many different ways to define masculinity. As it should be.

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Once chance in a lifetime allowed one man in a million to find the courage to speak to his dream girl.

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