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Agents of Change
A collaborative effort between “agents of change,” Good Men Media, Inc. and Connection Victory Publishing Company.

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About “Modern Identities”

“Modern Identities” is a publication about how we identify our authentic self: as an individual, in relation to a loved one, and as a member of society. We’ll share heteronormative and non-heteronormative…

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By Hilary Lauren Jastram

These past couple of months have been a surprise to me. I have reconnected with a person who I thought was toxic. This was not in alignment with who I was. As a survivor of the mean streets of pain, I was a very visceral person…

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By Larry Alton

Money isn’t everything, but it sure is important. While you don’t need money to be happy, you’ll certainly be more comfortable if your finances are in order. …

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By Noah Brand

A while back, I was playing around with one of those joke internet quizzes, this one supposed to diagnose whether the taker is a gay man. One of the questions was “Which do you prefer, art nouveau or art deco?” …

By Lisa M. Blacker

As part of The Good Men Project’s Sponsorship Program, we interview book authors to learn more about the author and their content. Following are some of the book author interviews conducted by Book Promo Director, Lisa M. Blacker. Get acquainted with these authors and their books!

‘Iron and Cotton’ Author Mike Povenz Talks Candidly with The Good Men Project

“Most men have not had many of the discussions I share in this book, and the chance of passing on wisdom from one man to the next is continually missed. “

Photo provided by Mike Povenz

Most men have not had many of the discussions I share in this book, and the chance of passing on wisdom from one man to the next is continually missed.

— Mike Povenz

By Lisa M. Blacker

My interview guest today is Mike Povenz, author of the new book Iron…

Photo credit: Loverna Journey on Unsplash

By Kerry Knowles

We live in a very fast paced world. The reality is, life passes by in a blink of an eye. We always think we have more time as we grind away at out daily responsibilities. My purpose in life is to help others. There are times when…

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By Gint Aras

Two American classics, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird, are again under assault. People have been calling for bans on these books since they were first printed.

Generally, two reasons explain why someone tries to ban a book. The first is the person’s…

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By Gary McClain

You might remember the “strong, silent type” of guy from the movies in the ’40s. He’s the self-reliant guy who with the poker face who never let anyone know how he was feeling. Instead, he was all about taking charge. Well, guess what? A lot of guys…

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By Ramsey Marshall

This post is part of our “Movies and Manhood” series that gives some of our regular writers an opportunity to share their views on how movies have impacted their thinking about men’s roles today. Our objective is to find the intersection between these films and the themes…

Agents of Change

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