‘Captain Marvel’: Character Defines Destiny

“Captain Marvel” is one of the best Marvel movies.

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By Jon Ochiai

In Disney and Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel”, vulnerable Brie Larson as warrior Vers sheds tears speaking with someone from her human past, resilient Lashana Lynch as best friend Maria, “I don’t know who I am!” Maria acknowledges Vers, who was “Aunt’ to her daughter Monica, played by radiant Akira Akbar, “You were the most powerful person I know.” Vers’ humanity is the distinct power of “Captain Marvel”.

Brie evokes commanding presence as the emergent Hero. Curious note: No one really calls her Captain Marvel. She looks so cool in her sleek blue and red suit dispatching intergalactic villains with astounding martial arts skills.

Yet, what resonates from Writer and Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s narrative are 13-year-old Carol Danvers at bat after being struck down by an errant pitch. Or soiled Air Force cadet Carol rising from the ground after falling from the swinging obstacle course rope. Character defines destiny. Amen.

Unlike by the numbers, loud big budget Superhero movies, independent filmmakers Anna and Ryan poignantly tell the human story of a woman’s transformation. It’s never about the number of times you fail or fall down. It’s about the times you get back up.

In “Captain Marvel”: the Hero arises. Having great strength, super speed or in Vers’ case — photon blasts from her fists, can be significant. What makes her Hero, what makes her powerful is her belief in herself.

“Captain Marvel” is Marvel’s first standalone female Superhero movie. One might say, “Well, it’s about time.” Well, Anna, Ryan and Geneva Robertson-Dworet’s screenplay is the timely tale of the woman revealing her untapped power within. Brie’s Vers bravely distinguishes who she is. She also invents who she can be. “Captain Marvel” is the surprising comic book narrative journey of self-discovery.

Hero isn’t about wearing a shiny suit or gaining tremendous physical prowess. Brie Larson is authentically bold as she discovers the Hero within herself, the Hero that has always been there. She exudes a refreshing sense of humor in the often dour Superhero construct. Brie brilliantly leverages…



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